Transfer coating line
To produce PVC/PU synthetic leather using water or solvent based products, High Solid Polyurethanes, or a mixture, using a release base, usually embossed silicone paper and a multi-layer application with the final lamination to a textile support.

The lines feature a series of unwinders, accumulators – for a nonstop work –, material tension control units, coating heads, polymerization and expansion ovens, cooling units and winders.

More specifically, COS.T.A. production specialized in the following processes:
Unwinding, storing and release paper distention
Accurate tension control for the release support
“Blade on roll” coating to apply PU/PVC foams and for an accurate calibration for the applied amount (accuracy of the coated amount)
“Blade on air” coating, to apply minimum amounts of resins and for an accurate wight of the coated product
Reverse roller coating, for an accurate application on uneven supports, such as an adhesive over a previously expanded foam.
Complete polymerization, or foam expansion, thanks to an extremely accurate temperature control and a changeable profile, depending on the resins employed.
Energy saving system, thanks to the multiple recycle systems that allow the use of the whole solvent fumes volume, and thanks to the heat recover from the high temperature expelled air, which is put back in the drying circuit.
Anti-explosion safety system (EEX; Ex Proof; EC regulations, ATEX and NFPA) regulations through the monitoring of the solvent concentration (L.E.L. sensors) and the control over the automatic circuit, depending on the concentration data.
Efficiency and Production increase, thanks to the automatic air flow during the emergency stop, allowing to preserve constant air volume and temperature, until the production begins again.
Fabric lamination.
Low-boiling solvent drying solutions with customized structures for the drying tunnels.
Non-supported coated drying.
Online embossing.
Controlled removal and separation.
Automatic camera guided inspection.
Shaft system and compactor roll product winding.

Lacquering and Printing
For synthetic leather and other rolled up products finishing, COS.T.A. production came up with a series of direct roll applications (direct rotogravure or reverse), with no calibration control to apply protective finishings onto the coated material, printed decorations and filler paints, through complete lines, with the following components:
Material conditioning system
Direct Rotogravure print
Reverse Rotogravure print
High pressure rotogravure lacquering
Lacquering drying with air blade, infrared or ultraviolet.
Non supported films drying tunnels, featuring motorized tendency rolls or a conveyor belt support and precooling chambers.

The final preparation phase of synthetic leather and foams for the automotive industry is the surface embossing, possible with lines equipped with:
Coating conditioning system
Contact pre-heating
Automatic control IR surface pre-melting
Hot and cold embossing
Direct or indirect surface cooling
Taper rewinding system